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TikTok Skylines: Reaching New Heights with Engaging Ads

Soar to new heights on TikTok with our specialized advertising services. Unleash captivating short-form content to capture the attention of a younger, dynamic audience for your roofing and solar offerings.

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Elevate Your Brand with TikTok Ads Expertise

Sitehues Media is now delivering TikTok Ads fulfillment for small to medium-sized businesses all throughout the US, UK, and AU. More of your audience than ever browses video content through apps like TikTok, making it a prime location to spread the word about your brand. Our TikTok Ads service will help to earn you immediate results thanks to careful campaign planning and targeting. We guarantee improved ad spending month after month thanks to the help of our digital marketing veterans.

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TikTok Ads Can Provide You with

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New Quality Leads
Our Tiktok Ads experts know how to leverage the platform and fine-tune your campaigns to earn a steady stream of high-quality leads to boost your monthly conversions. TikTok’s popularity grows every day, granting your brand access to new audiences that your sales team can convert into new and returning customers.
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Optimize Your Campaigns
Take advantage of PPC ads through TikTok thanks to our veteran paid ads managers. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest trends in social media advertising, allowing us to convert your assets into dynamic campaigns that earn results. We capitalize on the most cost-effective keywords and reduce your spending month-over-month.
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Boost Brand Awareness
TikTok Ads allow your brand to get the word out immediately. While other strategies take time to accrue organic results, our strategies make your company a household name sooner rather than later. Any time a user that’s interested in your industry visits the platform, your ads appear and encourage them to click on your offers and website.
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Get the Final Word on Your Creatives

Find top-notch performance indicators without the tedious reporting. Google’s ad interface is constantly tracking key performance indicators at a rate faster than a human can. With our expertise, we can take advantage of those KPIs immediately to steer your campaigns to better results almost effortlessly. Our PPC ads management services in Florida are tailored to the needs of our clients, delivering maximum results through a combination of SEO and Google Ads strategies.

On Going Reports

We’ll never leave you guessing about how your campaigns are working. Count on constant feedback concerning your campaign performance from our team of marketing veterans. Our focus is to deliver results, so you can count on us to shoot straight and deliver honest feedback on how your brand can get even more conversions.
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How long does it usually take the Sitehues team to build out and launch my campaigns?
Ad campaigns can take 5-7 business days to be completed. This timeframe is considered from the time all required assets (images, videos, etc.) are provided to our team (not from the time the order is placed to Sitehues, or from the time the onboarding documents are completed in the dashboard).
Both are charged on the same day when purchasing the service. For PPC campaigns there is usually a 1-2 week gap from the day you purchase the campaign, to the day it actually goes live. This is the time it takes for our team to build out the entire campaign. So, for your second months recurring payment we delay that, so you get the full 30 days of service for your month one’s payment. So, as an example, if you purchased services on the 1st of the month, you would pay for both the setup fee and month one’s service fee. Then if we finish the campaign buildout on the 14th of the month (2 weeks later), your second months maintenance payment would be billed on the 14th of the following month, 30 days apart from the initial day the campaign went live.
No, unfortunately funnels and landing pages are not part of the setup fee. However, Sitehues does offer funnel building and custom landing page services. It is not mandatory to use a funnel or landing page with an Ads campaign, however, in most cases, we do recommend utilizing one.
Maintenance and optimizations are performed a minimum of once a week. When we implement changes to a campaign, those changes will need time to run before we can judge their performance. Be aware that changes early on in a campaign will reset the learning phase and it’s as if the ads started running from scratch when those changes are made. Please note that we need to give ads time to perform. Sometimes campaigns perform outright, but other times they can take a bit of time to hit a good stride. This is especially true for accounts that have never advertised before.
For an active campaign, each revision request can take up to one business day depending on the request. This means that if a request is submitted within business hours (but not towards the end of the business day), then the request should be completed the following business day. If the request is received outside of business hours (even if it’s on the business day), the request may take up to the day after the following business day to complete.
As part of our Ads fulfillment services, we provide you with weekly reporting. Besides that, we have the dashboard available to you 24/7 (the dashboard’s purpose is to replace many of the needs of actual reporting). If you need any type of other data, you can make the request to your account manager in the slack platform.